As announced in June, all development efforts are now targeting our new project, GateIn. Check here for the GateIn Portlet container.

by jbossorg at Thu Jan 14 15:57:39 EST 2010
JBoss Portlet Container is the next generation portlet container on which future versions of JBoss Portal, and the JBoss Portal platform will be based. It provides a standard-compliant implementation of the JSR-286 Portlet 2.0 specification. It has been developed with reusability in mind so that advanced users, who don't require a full-fledged portal, can leverage the portlet management services it provides in their own applications. JBoss Portlet Container is available through the business-friendly LGPL open source license.

About the Project

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Developers JBoss Portlet Container is developed by the JBoss Portal team.
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